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Giant Bamboo

Dendrocalamus Giganteus

About the plant:

Dendrocalamus giganteus, commonly referred to as Giant Bamboo, is a remarkable species known for its sheer size and impressive stature. Native to Southeast Asia, this bamboo variety holds the title for being one of the largest and fastest-growing plants on Earth. With towering culms that can reach up to 30 inches in diameter and towering heights of over 100 feet, Dendrocalamus giganteus is an awe-inspiring botanical giant.

Sunlight: Full to Partial
Hardiness: up to 32°F (0°C)
Maximum Height: 40 meters, 130 feet
Maximum Diameter: 25 centimeters, 10 inches
Price: $20/1gal + shipping (minimum order of 100)

For optimal planting outcomes, it is recommended to adhere to the guidelines provided by the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map.


The growth characteristics of any bamboo species can be significantly affected by variables such as soil quality, water availability, and the specific climate conditions of the local environment. Extended exposure to temperatures outside the suitable range may result in damage to the bamboo.

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